I did!I’ve resisted free motion. It makes me throw small tantrums and I know my sewing machine does not like to be called naughty words. It’s my own fault. I’m impatient and want it to be done right the first time. That’s just not the way it works when you quilt though. And when someone told me it takes many, many hours of practice to get it right…well…I have many, many projects I’d rather be doing. So, I kept putting it off.  So, I promised Paige I would give it a try to show you guys my progress. I’m starting from the beginning y’all… starting with Doodling.  Sure it looks kinda shaky and I ran over my lines a couple of times and I froze up when I started to think about it too hard, but I’m going to practice, practice, practice. Hope you guys do too…Keep in touch and let us know how you’re doing!

I spent yesterday with Shelley from Elsie’s Girl blog finalizing our fabrics for Welcome to the North Pole quilt we’ve been wanting to do together.

I’m using the new Sheri Berry Christmas line, 12 Joys of Christmas, with a black night sky.  You can’t tell from the pic but it’s a black with grayish dots (my snow falling).

Its kinda retro and I’m excited to get started. So, hopefully I’ll have some progress to show you soon.

Tomorrows  post…more Christmas. I just want to apologize now for my Christmas fabric addiction:)

Talk soon