Well, how did the doodling practice go? Easy? Difficult? Hopefully you were able to squeeze in some practice each day if not plan to dedicate at least a couple times a week going forward! Doodling consistently will help train the muscles in your hands/arms to work together with your brain to draw straighter lines and smoother curves and to fill up a space without having to think too hard.

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us it will be difficult to find time to focus on doodling but try to squeeze in a couple 15 mins sessions if you can. Below is a doodle I did in a meeting at work (shhh…don’t tell my boss) in less than 20 mins on 3×5 inch piece of paper. I started with the small hook shape in the center and kept building off that shape as I moved around the page. You don’t have to be perfect this is just a technique to fill space quickly without having a plan.

So, pull out a black marker pen (no erasing allowed) and a small piece of paper and start drawing circles, spirals, hooks, squares, diamonds, etc. then connect them with lines or curves, fill them in or echo their shapes…before you know it you with have a very unique design!

This can be fun so don’t think just let loose!