I love pouring over all the quilting blogs out there and seeing what everyone is up to. I found a cute idea at abrandiecreation.com. These cute little coasters would be a great hostess gift if you’re going to someone’s house for Thanksgiving, so I made some up. And if you’re wondering what it is I have in the bowl, it’s Paula Deen’s french onion soup…It was so, so good!

I also worked on the April bag this weekend, from Sew, Mama, Sew. Paige and I are testing a couple of patterns out for a class we are going to teach during Christmas break for teens.  An “Underground Sewing Club” (Sounds mysterious doesn’t it:)

And….I did my homework…..but I hope Paige doesn’t expect me to show it to you today because its just plain embarrassing. I thought I had an imagination but my doodling design proves me wrong. Maybe I’ll be brave enough by the end of the week after much practice. I’m having a hard time freeing my mind.

Have a great sewing day everyone!