Paige’s Pick – Those that know me know I love color and contrast even during the holiday season and even more so because of the lack of sun as the winter settles into the midwest. This selection is called  June Bug by Alexander Henry House Designer …ok I know we just had Thanksgiving but can’t we daydream of a nice warm sunny day in June!


Did you know that Moda is carrying the Basic Grey Grunge line as one of their basics now! Love these “solids”. I used some of them in the Figgy Pudding and Fruitcake lines & now I want them all!….hint, hint to anyone needing a Christmas idea for me:)

So, I told you I’d show you my doodle progress…well, I don’t think I did too bad. Practiced every day on it and I did get better. I had a hard time keeping my pen on the paper and I constantly wanted to stop and think about where I was going next. I think my doodles look more like drawings than Paige’s awesome “doodle” but hopefully I’ll progress.  .

And this was my final result….

I had a hard time being creative so I decided to start with something I knew how to draw……the letter “L” from my name…can you see it? And I just kept drawing what inspired me from there.  Thanks Paige for pushing me into thinking outside my comfort zone! I definitely felt like I learned something from this challenge.