Every year, the day before Thanksgiving, we buy a 10ft Frasier Fir.  It fills the space in this room to the very top. I spend about 4 hours stringing the lights and about another hour or so decorating it. I love every minute of it….well, maybe not so much the lights because I really just want to get to the fun stuff…the ornaments. There’s just something about pulling out each ornament, remembering where it came from, and finding the perfect spot on the tree. Most all of our ornaments are mementos of something and a lot of them are handmade.  Every year Santa brings Russell a special ornament in his stocking….yes I said Santa! i know he’s 15, but in our house “you have to believe to receive”

I’d like to share some of our ornaments with ya’ll.

Here are some of the cross stitched ornaments on the tree.

This is Daisy’s 1st Christmas ornament. I used Bunny Hill’s pattern “Allie Dogs” and had a dog tag made for its “collar”.


This is one of the many snowflakes that my mom has made for me over the years. it’s crocheted and beaded and they are great fillers for all the spaces on the tree. Definitely my favorites.

Do we have any Christmas Vacation movie lovers out there? Love, Love Love that movie. Squirrrrellll! Remember when Clark says that? Hilarious! So, we hide a little squirrel in our tree too and every year when I put him in there I have to say squirrrellll:)

Another treasure is the Letters to Santa ornament.  Every year Russell would write Santa and before I would mail it off, I copied it and kept the original. All his letters are rolled up in this special little keepsake.