colorful christmas

Colorful Christmas Flannel from Riley Blake

Speaking of flannel…..need a quick gift?

Every year I make about 10 rice bag warmers and keep them by my door for the neighbors and friends. Super quick, super easy and everyone LOVES them, especially here in the frozen Midwest. I gift myself a new one each year and the old one goes in the freezer because they are also great ice packs.  I probably heat mine up at least once a day in the winter.

All you need is flannel, long grain white rice, and the special ingredient is…apple cinnamon tea.rice warmersIt’s a great way to use your flannel scraps. You can make them any size you want…square or rectangle. After you’ve sewn the bag, fill it a little over half way with the rice, I just use my judgment here…there are no rules. Cut open 1 of the tea bags and pour in with the rice. Sew the opening closed and you’re done!

I attach simple instructions for those who’ve never used one….

Apple-Cinnamon Warmer

Heat in microwave 1min & 45 sec.

It will come out of your microwave smelling like apple pie…you’ll love it! Just the thing for a snowy night.