We had our SewMod Christmas party at my house this year. Lots of food, wine, and fun…oh and let’s not forget the presents.

We have a very talented group of girls here….We exchanged names and this is what I got from Andrea. Isn’t this fabric a hoot! I can’t wait to make something from this.

Shelley made Vicki this awesome pillow. Doesn’t she look excited…I want this pattern!

This is Pattie’s beautiful table runner from Vicki, and Pattie made Andrea a cute one also.




Paige made Kelly this cool quilted picture.

Paige got a Moda Candy Bar from Kelly and I made Shelley a set of tea towels.


Then we had a gingerbread decorating party!

OMG what fun. I’ll show those pics tomorrow!

And don’t forget to keep practicing your doodle sandwiches. Paige wants to give us a few weeks to get the hang of it before introducing us to our next step.