I have lots of felt scraps. One year when my mother-in-law’s house burned and she lost a lot of her Christmas decorations, I made her an advent calendar out of felt. It was supposed to be a replica of the one she lost.
I made me one too:) So, I have lots left over from this project.

I checked these two books out from the library to help out with that. If you don’t take advantage of your local library, you should! Mine has lots of quilt and craft books. Even if they don’t have the one you’re looking for, most likely they can bring it in from a different library in your area. This way you can see if you like them before buying them.

I made that cute little gingerbread ornament from the Fa La La La Felt book….so easy! This book might be a keeper. It had lots of great ideas.

I also made these cute gift card holders from The Farm Chicks Christmas book.

Using pinking shears, cut the felt 1/2″ wider than the gift card and twice as long plus 1 inch. Fold the bottom end up and the top down. You can hot glue the sides of the bottom to make the bottom pocket, but I just ran a running stitch around it. Cut a slit for the button and attach a pretty, fabric- covered button to the pocket and you have a great way to use some of your stash. Wouldn’t it be pretty with some embroidery on it too?