With six days left before Christmas and New Years just around the corner I’m looking forward to a few days off from my day job to quilt of course and to enjoy some relaxing time with my folks and sister and all our pets (3 dogs and a kitty)…so doodling can wait until the new year!

In the meantime, if you get a chance pull together the following supplies and prepare a quilt sandwich for the January 3rd Free Motion Monday – Part 5: Doodling with a Purpose.

Supply List:
1 yard large print fabric (see example below)
1 yard coordinating small print or marble fabric
1 yard batting (medium loft cotton preferred – i.e. Warm & Natural)
Contrasting thread – variegated works well so you can see your quilting lines
Baste sandwich
Quilting Gloves if you like
Darning/Free Motion quilting foot

The other day Lorrie mentioned our “collaborative blog” so far mostly reflects her personality and passions so I decided this weekend to keep my camera handy and snap a few things that captured some of my passions and personality.

I love when sunlight flows thru glass and creates intricate designs. The sun is just about at its lowest angle to the horizon so my entire house was filled with light art.  I have a small collection of paperweights see how they sparkle…this one reminds me of an upside down jelly fish!

This one looks like a diamond…

This one has a sun etched into the back of it…check out the dancing ribbon of light just above the it.

This one had shooting flames out the top of the heart…pretty cool!

After playing with the paperweights in my loft I proceeded to my quilt studio in my basement where I have an ensemble of blue bottles…

I must have color – lots of color around me especially during the long cold months of winter!

Of course Kitty also likes to play with light too! She never did catch it :)

Then grandma and grandpa and sis came over today to pick up some Kolachkis (yummy Polish cookies I make once a year) and let the doggies play – and Kitty, well when the doggies come to play she runs for cover…in this case I wonder if she realized we all could see her!!!!

Sophie is my 5 1/2 year old lab mix rescue dog – she is the sweetest and always wants to go for a walk!

And finally, a few pictures of my holiday decorations – NOTHING like Lorrie’s -she does have the knack…and yes, that is a Cactus Christmas tree with Christmas tree ornaments – ok, a little different but I do love Arizona!!!

And what do you think of my present wrapping?!

Santa did a early drive by last Sunday – see…he really does exist !!!  :)

Happy Monday!