I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I know I did. I spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas with my friend Susan and her family. The season always seems to just fly by after Thanksgiving, but I’m kinda feeling like I’m glad its over. I’m really excited about the SewMod Etsy store, and now I will be better able to shift all my focus there.

I did want to show you what “Santa” brought me this year…I think you’ll like it.

From my talented mom…….

Can you believe that she made this in just about a month. She asked what I would like and I said this kit. I guess she knows by now that i would have eventually asked her to finish it for me anyway:)….thanks mom. I love it! I just hate to put it away for next fall.

She also sent me the new Amy Butler line Soul Blossoms.

This is what my mom-law sent. She must have been paying attention when I hinted about wanting the Moda Grunge. And this hand carved cardinal was with them.

My neighbors know I love to cook and am always sharing leftovers. I  received two awesome cookbooks and a some new tools from Williams Sonoma.There has already been a request for Banana Pie!