I find that the bad thing about starting a project that lasts quite a while, actually years, is I may have liked it when I began, but now not so much. You take too long and your taste in fabric changes or you’ve past that point where it doesn’t have  priority anymore.

I swear this thing is probably 7 years old. My Grandmothers  Flower Garden quilt was the perfect thing to do when I was waiting at the orthodontist, waiting for school to let out…waiting, waiting. You know…all those chunks of time where you think…..I could be doing something. Well I was….making about a gazillion little hexagons.

So, what do I do with them now? It occupies 2 drawers that has  different projects just dying to take its place. The Flickr group I belong to is hosting a “Git R Done” quilt along and this was the first thing I thought of. I’m committed to freeing this poor project from its lonely home.

I found this pic online that looks like they have set the blocks in a quilt. This would be less daunting than finishing it the way I had started.

I could also use some of them for the sewing boxes in the Etsy store.

Paige found this cute pillowcase idea.

I feel sooo guilty about this project so I have to do something with it.

What do you guys think….suggestions?