How many of you would like to organize for the new year? I know I could use all the help I can get, especially since I sew in such a small space. So every Tuesday for the month of January we will be talking about organization… rooms, spaces, closets, drawers etc. We will also be showing you some of the tips from the girls in our SewMod group. A peak behind the creativity.

Every time I went to take a class at the LQS I would end up having to purchase something because I just didn’t have a complete kit put together for leaving the house. I can’t even begin to tell you how many red spools of thread I have because of this.

Paige carries a sewing box purchased from Joann’s that has all the essentials in it. I loved that idea! No more scrambling at the last minute.  My brother and his girlfriend sent me this one for Christmas and my best friend gave me a Joann’s gift card. So, off to fill up my new kit.

Here’s the list of things in it…

large and small scissors

rotary tool, extra blade, small ruler, and tiny mat

pins and some satey pins for machine quilting

notebook, mechanical pencil, water and air erasable marker,  marking pen

machine needles, and any other set of needles you might use

thread…black, gray, white and for me…red, extra bobbins

seam ripper……..I was actually teased for not bringing one of these to class once:)


small binder clips

This could be ready and waiting for you. No more hassle trying to remember the tools and supplies every time. Just grab and go. Take it to class, retreats and sew-ins or on the road with you.

Thanks for the great idea Paige!