The last month has been stressful finding out my uncle Bobby (and godfather) had pancreatic cancer and now with his passing last Sunday our family has gotten really small. When someone close passes you realize you never spent enough time with that person and how short and precious life is. Be sure to slow down and find time for the people in your life that really matter!

By the way, he was a huge Packer fan so I wasn’t too crushed they beat the Bears today…I think they had a little help from above! :) 

So, since I didn’t have time to pull together a machine quilting tutorial I pulled together some quilts I quilted. Enjoy.

This is my first run at McTavishing!

I saved this dresden top from a resale shop and practiced echo quilting and feather circles – I luv this quilt!

These hand sewn basket squares were set in a 1″ bright green sashing and tied with green polyester yarn. I had to save the quilt, the blocks had so much potential. I found the perfect green fabric and used various colored fabrics around each block. Then used a thin black border to provide impact and to distract the eye from the different sized baskets -there was a 2″ difference between the smallest and largest blocks. I’m pleased with how it turned out. This was the first quilt I quilted on the Gammill almost 4 years ago.

Sun rays are fun to free motion quilt…

This was a giant queen size quilt. I used a tracing of a template in the light areas and free motion waves in the star. Wool batting which has a higher loft gave the quilting a more dramatic impact.

Rest in peace Bobby…and go Packers!