A couple years ago I designed this quilt journal for a machine quilting class I taught at Quilt in Joy and thought I’d share it with you as your next free motion quilting challenge. It is a great project to document the quilting doodles you’ve learn thus far in my tutorials and to learn a few more filler designs.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Sewing machine in good working order with attachable table and ability to drop feed dogs.
  • (6) @12”-14″ square quilt sandwiches
    -For the first page/sandwich choose a large print
    -For the remaining choose a solid, marble, or subtle monochromatic patterned fabrics with a cohesiveness will work nicely.
    *I used a variety of batiks and majority of the sandwiches I used the same batik on the front and back.
  • Cotton Batting
    *I chose Warm & Natural batting.
  • 40-50wt Cotton or Cotton/Poly contrasting top thread and 50wt matching bobbin thread.
    *I used Superior King Tut Variegated for more fun and impact and Master Piece in the bobbin! My machine likes this combo.
  • Topstitch or machine quilting needles (extras in case one breaks). I use 90/14 size with the King Tut thread.
  • 2-3 bobbins
  • Darning or free-motion foot
  • Blue washout quilting marker and/or chalk marker
  • Safety pins for basting – you will only need to use 4-6 pins per sandwich
  • Scissors & Pinking Shears
  • Notebook and pen/pencil for doodling practice
  • Optional: Quilting Gloves, rubber finger tips

Today’s post we will work on Pages 1 & 2 which are using the techniques you learned in Parts 1-5. Don’t worry about finishing off the edges of the sandwiches yet like in my pictures we will address that step in the last post in this series.

Page 1:

Begin with your large print basted sandwich and free motion quilt around the design similar to the project we did in Part 5: Doodling with a Purpose.  Have fun and let loose. Fill in the pattern to enhance the design – here I added tiny loops in the center of the sunflowers which provide a distinct texture from the petals.

Page 2:

On this page you will set up the sandwich with horizontal lines same as in Part 3: Doodle Sandwiches and quilt it with the doodles practiced in Part 4: Doodling on Fabric. Use the layout in the image below for a guide you are welcome to fill the space with your favorite fillers… this journal will be a great reference tool when you are quilting an actual quilt!

Happy doodling!