I went from this………

To this……….

I cut all my scraps into usable sizes, 5″ and 2-1/2″ squares. I decided on this because I seem to use these the most and these sizes will still allow me to use these as applique scraps.

I thought a lot about this and knew I would have a considerable amount of waste. But what’s even more wasteful is the fact that I’d collected all these scraps and wouldn’t even open the bin because it was so unorganized and overflowing. It was too overwhelming to go through. At least now I can see what I have.

I bought a container at Joann’s but ideally I want to make a trip to the Container Store for a better one because I think I would prefer to not only have the squares organized by size but also color. If I need a red square for applique, I would know exactly where it is. But this will have to do for now.

Someone told me once to save all of my extra bindings and if I was to ever make a scrap quilt, I could just sew them all together. You wouldn’t believe how many strips of those I had.

And if there is any doubt that a scrap quilt can be amazingly awesome, just check out the one my mom made from her scraps a few years ago.