With Quilt In Joy having the biggest selection of Batiks in the area, I’m sure at some point someone will want me to help with their fabric selection for a quilt. I’m totally unfamiliar with these fabrics and only until a few weeks ago I had never even owned one of these fabrics.

Remember I’ve been on a turquoise kick lately, so I couldn’t resist these prints.

I’m finding that the only Batiks I seem to be attracted to are the ones that read a certain design. Like the daises above or the one’s that arrived at the store recently.  These are from Anthology and Kaufman.

And look at how this one reads flowers. I was immediately drawn to these dark prints.

These caught my interest because they look like cute polka dots. These are the Emma and Essentials line.

And just look at this awesome woven basket made out of Batiks that the store is giving a class in. It’s called Knotty Baskets.

And since I’m Batik challenged, Paige let me borrow several of her books. I’m going to be picking a quilt design and trying to put together an entire Batik quilt. Wish me luck!