Daisy May helped me out Saturday while I made some Valentine’s treats and since she’s my only sweetie this year, her’s were first.

Heart shaped doggie treats with this recipe.

Did you ever notice from any of the pics I’ve posted that she has a heart shaped patch on her side? She’s just so darn cute! Can anyone say “spoiled puppy”?

I made the “knock-off” Thin Mint Cookies. All you need is a box of Ritz Crackers and a bag of the Dark Chocolate Mint Melt-Away candies at Michaels. Melt the chocolate, dip the crackers and place on waxed paper to dry. Its a good substitute if you have a hankering for the original but it’s not Girl Scout “season”.

I also made some Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Peanut Butter ‘n’ Cocoa Truffles. Just try not to pay attention to the coca powder that’s still left in my tile grout. A tile counter top is an arch nemesis for a baker. I dream of the days when I’ll be able to replace it…sigh…but anyway… these are always a hit.

Now I’m off to make some neighbors a Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope yours is sweet too!