Need a smile today?

So, if you will, picture this. A project that needs a touch of Fray Check. A Fray Check bottle that has a small clog. One girl on a mission to unclog the bottle, because frankly I’m too tight to purchase a new bottle. The pin in tube trick fails to work. So my next trick will be to push the clog out by squeezing the Fray Check bottle….oooops:(

I obviously didn’t know my own strength. That top shot off like a rocket and and that gluey, sticky stuff in the Fray Check bottle shot all over my ceiling.

There was no swearing or fit throwing. I actually thought it was kinda funny. I tend to have these little mishaps. Can’t think of them right now…probably too many to remember. It’s just who I know I am and try to laugh it off. I was really thanking God that it shot on the ceiling instead of all over my projects on my design wall or the new pincushion sewing drawers I worked on this weekend. There probably would have been some swearing at that point…or crying!

I’ll promise to share my many mishaps with y’all as they happen:)

I’m working a quilt show on Friday in Morris, Illinois called Pieces From the Heart. We kitted up some cute stuff, including this little Bliss wallet I worked on yesterday as a store sample. It’s a Lazy Girl pattern called Wonder Wallet. Super easy. The folded down pocket is for your change.

I love the flower button on the front.

Come visit the Quilt In Joy Booth if you happen to be in town. We’d love to see you!