The SewMod Gumdrop Party was Sunday. We met at Vicki’s house and I wish I had taken a pic of the food bar she had set up where we each made our own calzone and sodas. Kelly brought chocolate chip cookies and Pattie brought gourmet chocolate cupcakes stuffed with marshmallows. I know, you’re hating on me right now for the lack of pics. I’m so sorry!

We had a great time, as usual! Thanks Vicki for being a great hostess!

Meet SuperCool Kelly. She made her gumdrop in a black and tan with a cute polka dot top.

Vicki made a kids one for her nephew Kenny.

Looks like Auntie Vicki is taking a break on your gumdrop Kenny:)

And finally, mine and Paige’s. I used Central Park by Kate Spain and Paige used some calming green prints from her stash. I found hers to be very soothing colors.

These were so easy to  make! I’m definitely making more. I think maybe a Cubs one for Russell and an OU Sooners one for the Etsy shop. Wouldn’t that be a fun one!

What’s next you say? How can we top tuffets in February and Gumdrops in March? Well, April’s party is going to be cooking lessons from Kelly’s friend, the chef at Cooking Fools, in downtown Chicago. Unfortunately, I won’t be attending this party but I look forward to Paige’s post and seeing what foods everyone learned to make. I’m sure I’ll be missing a great party…bummer:(