If you’re looking at the time stamp for this post…yes, I was up that early writing. I only had about 45 minutes of sleep. Lots on my mind tonight, or should I say today now. Paige and I have had a rough go of it lately.

I’m sure you’ve heard the song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield. If not the lyrics are here. To me, this seems to be the journey that Paige and I are on. Uncertain, unplanned, 2 girls trying to write a future for ourselves.

Family, friends, jobs, ex’s, tough decisions…all these thing tend to weigh heavily, especially when you try to close your eyes…ugh.

Life will try to kick you in the teeth if you let it. So, after about an hour, through the tears and pain, I came up with my short list of things that make me happy right now. Random thoughts, actually…this seems to be the way I deal lately.

1. I’m awaiting the Crapapples to bloom. The world never smells so good.

2. Listening to the Doves coo outside my windows.

3. Crack of the bat when the ball hits it. It’s almost baseball season y’all!

4. Paige talking about her mom. To me there’s a sweetness about it that lingers long after:)

5. When someone favorites our Etsy shop. Baby steps, but gratifying.

6. The way Daisy licks her lips when I’m making her dinner & when Paige’s Kitty rubs against me because I miss mine so.

7. Telling “baby” stories about when Russell was little. Some are totally inappropriate.

8. Paige’s story about how she, accidentally, gave a bunny fermented fruit and he basically passed out drunk. Don’t worry he hopped away later:) Paige don’t hate me for telling that…k. It just cracks me up every time I think of it!

9. That 70’s Show. I’m still addicted to it. And frankly, I don’t think I would have made it through my divorce without the laughter this show provided me.

10. My brother telling me he loves me every time I talk to him or text him. I don’t know why, but I always do a double take on that one. Its kinda funny that you torture each other for so long as kids but still love each other:)

11. Friends, Friends, Friends. I can’t image a day going by that I don’t talk to a friend.

Think of any random things that make you smile right now? I wanna hear it.

Ok…it’s 4:30…you think I can sneak in an hours worth of sleep before I have to get up?