Since I have never quilted with metallic thread I tapped into our creative friend Vicki over at AccioFabrics and owner/designer of Bugglet Quilts.

Metallic thread is not as difficult as people generally say it is to work with if you follow these simple guidelines.

1) Use a needle designed for metallic thread. They are readily available at your local crafting stores.

2) Quilt slowly. I have to constantly remind myself to slow the foot and hands down w/metallic thread. If you go to fast, you will break it.

3) Adjust your tension. You will need to do a little practicing to find the right tension, it will most likely need to be lessened.

4) Use cotton in the bobbin. I use a 50wt Aurifil and it works well. I have tried the recommended rayon thread in the bobbin, but I could never get the tension to work correctly.

5) Put your metallic thread spool farther away from the tension disk, in a straight line, to give it more time to uncurl. I put mine on a pencil propped in the pocket of a bin on the table to the right of my machine.