I belong to a Flickr group called Tea Buddies. You’ve probably seen me mention Jeanne, our group admin. And I’m sure you’ve read some of the awesome comments left by my buddy friends on the blog. This year Jeanne had this great idea to let each one of us host a month. The hostess chooses topics for discussion, keeps us all engaged, and even gives us a little something to-do.

April was Diane’s month, some of you know her by Mimi’sdarlins. She designed this cute flower applique that can be made into a pillow or whatever you choose. I chose to machine applique the flowers, embroidery the stems and add a Pick-a-Bunch saying.

Another inspiration piece for my studio. Wouldn’t this be cute framed? Thanks Diane! This was a lot of fun:)

I’m always on the lookout for studio decor. Our SewMod logo colors are a turquoise and green and our tagline is Need To Create.  So while I was  in Wal-Mart yesterday picking up a prescription, I came across these tubs that are our colors. I can store stuff in them..supplies.

They even have Daisies on them! Cuteness!

Then I noticed these candles in the same prints and one of them has sayings written on them. One of the words…create! Well, I had to have these too.

I also got this white wire basket that I think is perfect to display fat quarters….$5!

I really think it’s Wal-Mart’s purpose to keep you in the store to spend money. I even called the prescription  in ahead of time but it was still…”that will be another 10 minutes”. So during that 10 minutes, I managed to see all these goodies, gather Easter Basket gifts, and ink for my printer. I fell into the trap. All to the tune of 100 extra $$.

I’m telling myself that these studio goodies are my Easter Basket gifts:)