My Flickr Tea Buddies theme/project this month, or should I say last month because it’s June, was Owls. Marja and Marjon were our hostesses. Everyone picked an owl project. Some were pillows, Diane made a pincushion, Liz had the cutest owl mug rug, and Marja made a needle case with an owl on it.

Throughout the month our hostesses showed us pics of live owls from the zoo. Marjon is a volunteer for the Dutch Little Owl Foundation so we saw all kinds of interesting owls. Marja even showed a cute pic of her grandson with an owl resting on his arm.

My project for May were these cute stuffed owls from a free tutorial on Karen Gray’s Blog. So easy, about 20 minutes to make, and sooo cute! Paige and I thought it would be fun to take pics of them in a tree outside of the coffee shop we met up at last night. Yes, I’m sure we had plenty of weird looks, but it wasn’t the first or will it be the last:)


Thanks for a great month ladies. I enjoyed all your pics!

This month is Butterflies and I haven’t decided what I’m going to come up with yet. Better get to thinking though. I don’t wanna be late again:(