I patiently await Christmas fabric to arrive.

I eagerly await Christmas fabric to arrive.

I’ve began to stalk the postman:)

My first fabrics arrived the other day….Michael Miller. Some Funky Christmas, Ho Ho Hoot, and Yule Trees.

Just look at these sweet little reindeer. They’re so retro. I’m probably going to kick myself later for not buying a lot more of this in the turquoise. Actually, I’m hoping it’s still available on the bolt. This could be dangerous!

More retro…Peace Christmas. Love it!

This is what I’m stalking right now. Dena Designs Kumari Garden Holiday. Christmas, but doesn’t really have to be, kinda thing. I love that too.

Riley  Blake Christmas pre-cuts should be arriving on Wednesday for the Etsy shop. Do you think I can be trusted with them? Hmmm:)

If your not into Christmas, say it isn’t so, then we have new fabrics in the shop. Honey Child by Jennifer Paganelli.

Do you remember this Fabric Friday post? The one which Paige drew Kathy the kitty drawing for her Sweet Pickins’ bag. Kathy brought her bag in for show ‘n’ tell the other day. It turned out purrfect:)

Have a great weekend everyone! Next week Paige will be showing off the awesome batik quilt she designed and, finally, pics of the new quilting studio!