Birdie Block #6, finished!

While, I thought Little Miss Shabby’s June block was cute, I wanted to stick to a June theme. And what better thing to do in June than go to the beach. Birdie loves to surf and soak up the sun.

I continued with the summer theme by whipping up some summer tea towels. Umbrellas in the sand, flip flops and palm trees.

But you wanna know where I really like my umbrellas? In my drinks:)

susan enjoying her drink

It’s time to relax on the patio now with a Lemon Drop Martini and some black bean salsa. I hope y’all enjoy your sunny summer day…talk to ya tomorrow friends!


1 part Absolut Citron

1 part Triple Sec

1 part fresh lemon juice

Mix ingredients, shake and strain into sugar rimmed glass