As promised I’m back with the results from mine & Daisy’s stroll.

Here is my neighbor, Gloria’s, flowers. Baskets of Geraniums and Cranesbill Geranium ground cover.

My flowers aren’t so impressive yet. July/August seems to be my best bloomers. Daisies, Cone flowers, Daylilies, and last year my Impatiens were a whopping 30″ tall. So, we’ll have to wait for mine to catch up. This is my Clematis. Pretty decent this year but not loaded with blooms. Why? Too much shade maybe?

This is one not too far from my house…beautiful.

Daisies and I can never remember the name of the hot pink ones… Coreopsis maybe?

I visited the pond and saw this crane across the way.

And a mamma and daddy duckie protecting their babies. You can barely see them..I didn’t want to get too close.

If you really want to see some beautiful pics of flowers, you should check out my tea buddy, Joyce’s, Flickr photostream set. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing Joyce:)