Taza, by Dena Designs, arrived a couple of days ago. It has a shabby chic, fresh feeling to it. I also can see a really pretty, modern baby room designed around this.

And I just couldn’t resist adding the Kaffe Polka dot to the collection. It’s perfect! This yellow Ribbon Damask is one of my fave’s from the line.

And this one catches my eye too.

My mom loved the stripe. I’m tellin’ ya, I totally see a baby girl here!

And speaking of my mom, look at the adorable crocheted flowers she made for an owl kit we’re working on. Won’t these be cute as little owl hair accessories! Thanks mom:)

And another thing, if I had to rely on my gardening skills to survive, I’m afraid I would starve to death! I planted tomatoes at the beginning of summer and I swear the plant only grew to about 18″ tall and produced the saddest little tomato I’ve seen.

My neighbor said it looked like a giant strawberry…ouch. Thank goodness there is always a back-up plan…the local farmer’s market:)