We purchased a few dress forms a couple of months ago and I’ve been jonesing to fancy her up a bit. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and use…a Honey Child ensemble of p.j.’s, slippers, eye mask, and a cute tee, and I wanted it to be very Girly!

The slippers are made from the pattern Pigs In A Blanket. They have a Minky inner lining and leather patches for the sole. I attached a couple of the crocheted flowers my mom made with a tiny purple ribbon for extra cuteness. This was a pretty easy pattern. These would make really cute Christmas presents.

I couldn’t leave her topless, so I bought a tank top at Old navy for $7 and appliqued the word Girly to the top. I also used one of the crochet flowers to dot the “i”. An eye mask completes her look.

I’m thinking  my inspiration word worked. It’s very girly. Now my girly girl needs a name…hmmm. I’ll have to think about that one. Any ideas?