Let’s make this week SewMod Baby week! Babies need Christmas presents too and what better gift than the softness of a Minky blankie.

We’ve made 3 new blankies for the Etsy Shop using the pattern on our tutorials page. These make up in about a hour or two and I’m sure everyone out there has a charm pack that’s waiting patiently in your stash for it’s turn to be made into something! If not, or your running out of time, these are available in the shop starting today.

Pure Baby, 36″ x 40″. Using a Pure charm pack by Sweetwater. A calming baby boy’s blankie that you’ll wanna snuggle your bitty one in!

Bliss Baby, 36″ x 36″. Made using Moda’s Bliss charm pack by Bonnie & Camille.

And Hoo Baby, 35″ x 35″, made in pink but we also can make this in the blue too.

We have other ideas for baby week, including another quilt. So hang with us this week for some ideas to whip up for the little babe’s on your gift list!