I knew when I was cutting all my scraps into useable pieces that one day I would be glad I did all of that work. That day came when I decided to make The Color Book.

It takes 2-1/2″ squares for the pages, which is exactly what some of my smaller scraps were cut into, so you can imagine how easy it was to get this project going. I think I spent the most time on deciding which 2-1/2″ square to use.

Batting scraps in between the pages make it soft and flexible for baby. A little hand stitching and a pieced log cabin cover to finish it up and you have a handmade, unique gift for baby’s Christmas.

This is one of the many fun and inspiring projects that come from 101 Projects Patchwork & Quilts magazine, which is available at your local craft or bookstore. You won’t be disappointed in this girls! It’s often rare you find a magazine that has more than a couple of ideas you might make in it, but this one is loaded with them! And if you notice by the front cover, there are lot’s of opportunities to use your scraps!