I know, I’m 2 days late with that one, but it seems to have taken me awhile to get back on track. I’ve been a little lazy…Great way to start off the new year, right?

I know I’ve said this before, but the Holidays just flew by! We took a trip back home to OKC, spent some time with family and had a lot of fun. Santa was good to me this year, so I thought I’d use today’s post to share what I call the Christmas Loot. I received a couple of gift cards to two of my favorite OKC quilt stores, Savage Quilter & Oklahoma QuiltWorks.

Oklahoma QuiltWorks is my fave.

They are a nice size store with a great mix of styles focusing on the modern side. Lots of samples, a kaffe wall, Cosmo threads..yea!! I signed up for their newsletter and received a 20% coupon for my birthday off my total purchase. I kinda went overboard in there. Oh well!

Kitchen prints from Maude Asbury. I’m thinking edging for tea towels with some embroidered fruits and veggies for these.

I Couldn’t pass this Maude Asbury up called Calypso. These fabrics from Blend are sooo nice!

Patterns and novelty prints and of course I got every Cosmo floss they had.

I always find the latest Amy Butler there and a new print from Valori Wells.

And lastly, these prints that I’m absolutely kicking myself for not buying more of called Echo.

Check out this kit they had for Kaffe houses. I love This! I didn’t buy the kit but I think I may have to add houses to my list this year.

Savage Quilter is  newer quilt store to the area. A very nice staff. The owner is always friendly and ready to help. Even when we decided to show up 30 minutes before closing. If you’ve ever worked retail, you know that’s annoying:)

I found lots of goodies and inspiration here.

I thought this would make a pretty cute messenger bag or pillow.

And a pile of random goodness, including a Pezzy Print layer cake!

Now all I have to do is find the time to sew!