Grab a spoon & let’s have some sherbert. Some Lemon, lime & orange sherbert. Ok, it’s really melon, but that’s what I think of when I look at these fabrics so I’m going with it:)

This stack was $33.01, now $28.06 at Etsy & SewModDesigns.

Want a second helping? I went through my fave’s on Etsy and scooped these out. Lemon, Lime and Orange sweetness.

Rosette Ring by BeauFleurs

Lemon Chiffon Marshmallows by CrumblesCookies

Sweetheart Apron by CreativeChics

Clutch Purse by OceanPearlBags

Creamsicle  Lip Balm by LemonCitrus

Vintage Glasses by LovelyVintageBlue

Hopefully these satisfied your sweet tooth and brightened your winter day!

Have a great & warm weekend everyone!