During Christmas break Paige and I decided to do something totally un-work related and for ourselves. So we picked a day and a project...The Seasons, from the book Material Obsession 2. I love both book 1 & 2. Lot’s of inspiring works of art. We love how she takes traditional ideas and uses modern fabrics to bring new life to quilts and projects.

We chose to do a season each instead of the whole quilt so that both of us would have a little wall hanging of our work. I made summer. But we decided that we liked Night & Day for our quilts instead of Summer & Winter.

I found the perfect background in my stash, cute little birdies! And I’d have to say some pretty perfect grass! I added some little crochet flowers and green embroidery to spruce it up. I even added french knots in the border along some of the orange flowers.

Most of my fabrics were Central Park & Fandango by Kate Spain. I made the tree leaves from just a charm pack. And trees can’t grow without sunshine, right?

Paige chose winter for her project. Deep, rich colors with a winters night background. p.s., don’t mind the wobbly binding. It’s pinned on. Ran outta time:(

She added a wool black kitty. He’s out for his evening stroll.

I wish the camera picked up all the beading she added to her quilt. It’s along the grass line, the kitty’s eyes, and in the leaves.

This project was a lot of fun & would make a really fun class for a quilt shop. We used the Easy Dresden tool instead of the paper template. We had it completed and the leaves appliqued in just one sewing day!