The Wonky Wildflowers sample has been on my list of to-do’s so yesterday I got myself in the mood to make it happen.

I dragged out my 2 tubs of scraps, convinced I could make this entire quilt from what I already had. Scraps need homes too!

First up was to make the hexagon strip that separates the sun from the sky. Now, I’ve done many, many hexies so, I thought I’d give you a little how-to.There are lots of different ways to do these. Some with glue sticks, some with plastic templates and so on, but I’m going to just give you the way I prefer best after trying some of the other methods over the years.

1.) Trace the template provided on a sheet of regular copier paper.

Mine called for a 1-1/4″ hexie. The way to measure a hexagon is from point to point along one side as shown.

2.) After you’ve cut the paper templates out, gather your fabrics and cut at least a 1/4″ around on all sides of the template for easy turning. Use a small pin to secure the paper to the fabric.

3.) Either finger press or if it makes you feel more comfortable until you get the hang of it, iron down all the sides. Once you’ve mastered the hexies you’ll no longer need to iron.

4.) Thread your needle and make a small knot. Starting on one of the points work your way in and out around the hexagon and through the paper.

5.) It’s as easy as that! Hexagons are a great project to pre-cut, stash in a small bag and take with you while your waiting for the kids or to take on a trip!

6.) To attach the hexagons, layer right sides together and whip stitch, grabbing just enough fabric to keep them together, but not going through the paper this time.

Tiny whip stitches make all the difference to make sure your stitching is barely visible from the front. Practice, practice:)

7.) Once your hexagons are attached to one another, clip the threads and release the paper. Iron back into shape.

And here’s the progress I’ve made so far. Hopefully this weekend I’ll have the embroidery done and on my way to another finish!

Have a great weekend everyone!