I made another weekend finish, Wonky Wildflowers. Have you ever seen anything soo dang cute!

I really enjoyed doing this. This pattern has many techniques in it that kept me interested. Embroidery of course, applique, both hand and machine, making the hexagons, and using the easy dresden to make all the wedges for the grass and the sun. The one thing I had never done was make the wonky log cabins. I saved them for last and as you can tell by this middle blue and pink one, my first attempt was a little not so wonky.

It’s more difficult than you think to make something not straight! I did let go and not be so uptight when it came to whacking off my edges and finally got the hang of it. But I did notice when I was finished that all my blocks tend to only wonk to one side:)

The only thing left to finish this up is the border. I spent all day Sunday hem hawing over which fabric to use. If you know me, that can be tedious. It has to be right or forget it. After all, I spent all that time and love making it. I’m not going to settle. I did really want to use something from my stash. I had one tiny scrap piece of fabric from the Favorites collection by Me And My Sister and it had to be that.

I had to order it. So I should be able to complete this adorable little wall hanging this week. Then of course the dreaded quilting..ugh! Let the whining begin:)

Can’t wait to show off the finished piece. That will be my motivation!

Next Wonky is…Wonky Winter.

The SewMod group is going to tackle this as a sew-in project hopefully in March. This will be exciting to see all the different versions from our talented group. I already have an idea for mine!