I received two Sarah Jane embroidery patterns from my mom for Christmas, Summer Flowers and On Parade.

I finally found some in between time to sneak one in and I loved every minute of it. I like a pattern that has several stitches involved and I even learned a new one, which is always exciting.

Here’s Summer Flowers in all her beauty!

I framed it in the hoop and her new home will be proudly displayed in the SewMod bathroom.

The new stitch I learned was the Bullion Stitch. It’s the little bunches of roses that appear to pop off the fabric. Really easy. It’s basically a french knot except wrapped about 15-30 wraps. Once it’s pulled through the needle, the stitch lays curved to create the flower.

If I had a manicure, I’d show you with a little demo, but I don’t and I’m not about to torture you with that sight:) I promise I’ll work on that and do a mini embroidery session for you!

After I finish up the Parade embroidery, this is the one I want to do next, called Make It Do.

So cute! But before I get started on those, I’m going to be working on a special embroidery project for Paige. So be sure to check back next week for that!

Tomorrow I’ll be showing you some of the prints we recieved from Art Gallery this week and what I worked on during my weekly sewing day with some of the SewMod girls. See you then.