Paige just came back from Spring Market with tons of ideas, loads of flyers, books and magazines to pour over and lucky for us a lot of pictures! She had a very exciting trip and I’m so glad she got to experience it! I can’t wait till the next time so I can join her. Paige really knows how to work a room and was able to meet several designers and companies in the industry. We have lots to share, so let’s get these pics rollin’ shall we?

My fave of course has to be Riley Blake. Here are some of the booths from their designers..I’m in love with this quilt. We have some of this line coming in this week.

A cool quilt using their Chevron line..

And is this adorable or what?

Next up is Art Gallery Fabrics..This is Bari J.’s booth. She is Art Gallery’s newest designer, showing off her new line Lilly Belle. Which we have an order placed for. Beautiful fabric!

Adorable jumpers for girls..

And here’s a close up of the line…

If I ever go insane from all the fabric shopping and quilting I do, and I need to be locked in a padded room, I hope it looks like this:)

Art Gallery’s booth is a color explosion!

This pic is for my Okie friend Jeanne, who loves Dachshunds. This is the Blend booth.

Here are some beautiful fabrics from Blend…

I’m going to be posting all weekend with Market pics if you’d like to hang out with me this Memorial Day Weekend. See you tomorrow!