What to do when work is the farthest from your mind, your teen is away for the week, and the pup is at the doggie spa for the day? Shopping of course! So me and my bestie friend Susan took a couple of hours for a midweek break. We started off by doing some errands but as usual the shenanigans started and we found ourselves on a tiny spree:)

We didn’t make it to Target, but that was only because we ran outta time. We went to K-Mart and I picked up some new dishes. On sale for only $7.00! And I like them! I need to go to Target for matching brown bowls and small plates now.

Next we headed to World Market. A dangerous place for sure! Just look at this adorable vintage like cake carrier we came across. It’s tin and it’s in the robins egg blue…love it! I picked up the tea towels at K-Mart too . I could add an embroidery design and display them with the cake carrier.

It even has a removable top for a pie…I’m actually giddy over this find!

I love pretty much anything for the kitchen, so these cute nesting measurement bowls jumped into my basket as well. Each one has a different design in the bottom.

The ceramic measuring spoons came home with me too.

Check out this awesome vintage looking bird cage wall hanging that holds photos or post cards. Mine now:) That’s the perfect spot for it.

A cute sitting chair in a linen fabric and each button was a different fabric. So cute and I wish I had a place for this. I don’t, so it had to stay at World Market even though I know it wanted to come home with me.

I picked up these bicycle paper clips for me and my friend Vicki, who also has a love for cute bicycles.

We stopped by our favorite grocery store…The Fresh Market.

Lots of goodies to keep you…um …healthy;) Isn’t this cake beautiful? This did not come home with me. Unless having my teen away for the week counts as a special occasion…hmmm.

Even though work was a distant second today, it was still in my thoughts. I managed to find the new issue of Mollie Makes.

So now that Daisy has made it back home from her beauty appointment, I’m going to relax after all that shopping and read my new issue. I hope there isn’t anything in there I want because I don’t think my wallet will be very happy with me:(

Thanks for letting me brag about all of my great finds. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!