Well…Shelley and I are taking a border challenge class together at one of our local quilt shops, Acorn Quilts.. All we needed to start was to bring a center block of our choice. Of course being the over achievers we are, it had to be something fabulous! I chose the Which Witch’s Boot that I had been embroidering for Paige. I’m almost finished with the center. I’ve been stuck on the circle stitch, actually just dreading doing that stitch, so final decision…I’m not doing that stitch!


I’m going to add little yellow wool circles to it instead, giving it even more dimension. Since I’m almost finished, I’m going to hold off showing the finished piece till next time.

The quilt hanging in the shop was truly a work of art with attention to detail. And I loved the blue border on it.


The idea of the class is to start with a center and show up each month for the next border idea, 5 total. Our first class was yesterday evening. After everyone showed off their center, a color was chosen from a crayon box at random and a page number from a quilt block book. Our first border idea must incorporate the color Sepia, (a shade of brown) and flying geese.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny piece of brown or even just one flying geese as long as you can show that was added to the border in some way.
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of flying geese and Halloween is Candy Corn! Pretty excited about that! I hope I can get that to work out.


Next month when we meet there will be a new set of colors/tasks to work with. Each time the fun changes, and so does the inspiration. For example, we asked what was the inspiration for the blue triangle border on the sample quilt and she replied that she had chosen a “My Little Pony” from a basket of “items” and the pony had pointed ears shaped like triangles.


The inspiration is endless!!