Thanks Ryan!
It’s late. I’m still up so I figured I’d blog. Don’t expect a novel though. I can get kinda loopy without sleep. I’m definitely the girl who needs her beauty rest!

How about we just do some pics? It might be safer;-)
Neighbor bff Susan and I are always up to antics! People are starting to recognize us in stores. We’re probably on the “watch” We’ve even had one guy at Caputos say..”hey, I know you two”…oops. What can I say? We’re hilarious! Well, we’re probably more annoying. But we have a great time together. Here’s us at a shop in Woodstock. They had a Alice In Wonderland display & if you know me, I can’t help but try anything on my head! “We’re all mad here”.


Have you seen all the cute fabric out there with the Matryoshka dolls on it. This is most certainly my new obsession! Did you see this one on Zoe on ” New Girl”? Love, love, love! If you’re not watching that…get right on it!


Latest quilt block obsession you ask? Kim McLean’s Lollypop Trees!

Here’s a fun little collage I put together on a different night that I was losing beauty sleep

And let me just leave you with this…

It’s 3 am. Now I’m going to bed!