Yes folks, this is where I spent most of my time! We vacationed at Susan’s sis-in-laws home. We had a Lexus, pool, bar, home, food, cute pups..the whole nine yards! She was very generous with everything! I can’t even tell y’all how much fun I had. It’s impossible to put into words. I’m so grateful that I had this opportunity!


One of our days was spent in the Hollywood & Beverly Hills area. We did some shopping and lunch.


We went to Disneyland! I’ve never been to either parks so my main goal this day, besides having a blast, was the teacups:)


Spent some time in the Huntington Beach/Newport Beach area.


Made a seashell heart for someone special;)


And caught a glimpse or two of a surfer..lol

Check out the cute pups roaming the house. Every time the yorkie would get in a little trouble he’d hide in the chow! Lol..so cute.


We had sushi, experienced a drive thru liquor store and ate some famous Sprinkles Cupcakes. Did I mention I had fun yet?
We spent days by the pool and nights by an outdoor fireplace. I saw palm trees, beautiful people, met some new friends, and had more laughs than you can shake a stick at!

And then my wonderful week was over:(
But there was still time for one more drink at the airport while I wear my ears and remember all the fun times I was blessed with!