LollyGagging that is…-verb 1.Procrastination in its fullest. 2.Purposely finding other things to do other than what you should be doing.

The CLMQG is having a UFO contest from January-October. The idea is for members to register their forgotten loves for $2/project…unlimited. All the money collected goes towards prizes. Once a project is completed, you get a stamp of approval and your registered quilt/sewing item goes into a quarterly drawing with a chance for a grand prize in October!

I’m going to register 5….and 3 of these are doozies. They’re going to be time intensive. Lots of handwork/applique. I’ll need to be disciplined in scheduling time for them, which sometimes can be a problem. I already sew for SewMod and there’s only ‘sew’ much time in the day!

Dare I estimate how much time I’ll need for each completion?

Susan’s Dresden Garden. (8weeks) A CrabApple Hill embroidered bluework quilt. I’ve had all the fabrics and finished over half of my embroidery work so far. I’ve even made some of the pieced Dresdens. It takes a lot of commitment to stitch the same Dresden, with the same color floss 12 times y’all. What can I say..even though it’s going to be positively beautiful when completed, it’s boring the hell outta me!!

susans dresden garden

Batik Spools from the book by Edyta Sitar Friendship Strips And Scraps (2weeks)
I started this quilt about 3 years ago with Shelley right before my move and didn’t find the time or the actual project until about a month ago. I’d really like to finish this one up. I just need to work on applying the applique to the borders, then it’s off to the quilter.

Batik spool quilt

SewMod Halloween Row Quilt (2weeks)
My row quilt has been on and off of my design board so many times I’ve lost count. It was up there as recently as two weeks ago. I want it to be spooktackular and I think it’s paralyzing me creatively. I have a few ideas I’m playing around with. It’s just a matter of conjuring the right spell.

sewmod row quilt halloween

The last two are basically just about crossing something off my list and freeing that space up in my closet and my brain.

Batik Tuffet (1week)
The foundation pieced tuffet is almost completed. I have one more section and I’d like to also write an accompanying blog post with tips and tricks to making and finishing a tuffet. After the top is completed, it’s just a matter of assembly.
This one pictured is Paige’s Batik Tuffet…


And lastly, 2 Bindings (1week)
Just waiting for these to come back from the quilter. I’m considering these 2 as one finish.

My time estimates are assuming I’m not wasting time lollygagging around on Pinterest or whatever Netflix series I might be binging on that week. Also..3 out of the 5 projects requires them being sent to the quilter and that alone can take 4-6 weeks.

What I wouldn’t give for just 2 extra hours in a day…Who am I kidding? I’d probably just end up doing more lollygagging…