Minor left-behinds and forgottens…

For Paige. A market tote that was 90% completed. Finished at our January sew-in.

Market totes

For Me. A Sophie bag made from a yard of quilted fabric.

Sophie quilted bag

The quilted yard spent so much time tucked away, I didn’t have any more of the matching binding, but I do believe I’m glad! Because I’m totally in love with the black polka dot. It makes the bag fabric pop alive don’t ya think?!

Sophie quilted bag

For Wendy. When cats fly…Another quilted yard turned into a carryall bag. Made by Wendy during one of our weekly therapy sessions.

Sophie quilted bag

For ZombieGirl. A zipper pouch. Leftover fabric from my bag embellished and monogrammed for her sewing accessories. It’s my job to teach ZombieGirl that Sewista’s are stylish!

Quilted Zipper pouch