I’m participating in the CLMQG Medallion Quilt Challenge which I talked about last month found here.

I did decide to go ahead with the embroidery in the corners of my center. I hemmed & hawed over it a while, knowing full well I’d do it even though that much embroidery was going to be a lot of work. I just think it needed something to fill the space. Most importantly though, it does not change the initial design elements, it’s just an addition…kind of like embellishments to the medallion.

Clmqg medallion border challenge

And if you’re gonna do something, it might as well be fantastic, right!? I have two corners completed and working on my third.

Clmqg medallion border challenge

To recap last months challenge, we needed to implement a snowball block with a red-violet color. I added the tiniest snowball blocks I could, which I think were 2.5″ finished on the corners with some of the Timeless Treasures bicycle fabric scraps I had left and added a crochet trim to make the separation from the center to the border. I felt like since the center was going to be so busy with the dresses and embroidery work, that the next border needed to calm it down, which is why I only added snowballs to the corners.

Can’t see the red-violet? Here’s an up-close. Remember…it can be a little or a lot of the color. I chose a little…

Clmqg medallion border challenge

Perfect right!?

Now I’m working on February’s challenge, border #2.  The task drawn was ‘curves‘ and the color was ‘carnation pink’.

I think I can handle February’s challenge! Does anyone see where I’m going with this? You’ll have to check back for my progress on this border which I should have completed soon. My next meeting is this Sunday. I’d better get busy!!

clmqg medallion border challenge