I’m going on a Staycation. Over the past year I’ve been one busy girl, hurriedly finishing up one idea/project and moving straight to the next. I’ve been blessed with lots of new opportunities but to really give 100% of myself and my creative abilities, I need a break! I’ve finshed up my priorities and this seems like a great week to give this a shot.

Which means I’ll roll outta bed when I want, I’ll binge watch all the Real Housewives, and I’ll take Daisy on longer walks.


My house will be clean. My refrigerator (or ice box which is what we call it in Oklahoma) will be spotless and organized. My shower will be squeegeed and free from streaks.

I’ll take my time driving. Hell I might actually go for a drive ‘just cause‘.image

I’ll drink when I want and eat what I want. I’ll enjoy the smell of the blossoming trees with my windows open while it lasts. I might nap. I will cook dinner.


I’m definitely going to take my time and flip through every page of these books I’ve collected over the past year. I might even make something from one.


Or I might not…it’s my Staycation and I’ll do what I want!

The shop will still be open and I’ll be answering convos and emails. Your orders will ship on Friday. Thanks friends. I’ll be back next week!