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I’ve created a few more Oval Element fat quarter bundles from Art Gallery fabrics and I wanted to share them with you today. All of our bundles are available in the Etsy shop.

These are like eye candy. I just wanna eat them up!

This fat quarter bundle of 16 has a range of colors, including my new favorite, Passionate Fushia.

SewMod oval elements

A smaller bundle of 11 is also available in this range.

SewMod oval elements

Looking for something with deeper colors? This set would make a nice addition for your fall quilting projects.

SewMod oval elements

Or maybe something that reminds you of a Arizona vaca, which seems to be the only thing I can think of lately so it’s no wonder I assembled one reminiscent of the southwest!

SewMod oval elements

And lastly..a bundle of tone on tones with 2 shades of each color.

SewMod oval elements

Oval Elements make great fillers for all your sewing projects, so visit us at the shop to get yours! We have these and many more ready to ship. If you’d like to create your own fat quarter bundle, we’re also happy to help you do that too. Just convo us and we’ll help you get started.

Why?…For more fabric of course!

To help me stay on budget and keep track of my spending, I thought I’d use a cash envelope system. Bigger expenses are debited straight from my checking account, but for $$ spent on hobbies, entertainment,  groceries and things like Daisy and hair/salon appointments, I decided to make fabric envelopes so I didn’t overspend. 

No one said that being more responsible couldn’t be stylish and crafty. I found a tutorial on Moda Bake Shop and, being more responsible, dug into the scrap fabric bin to make me & the girls a set of fabric envelopes.

So simple. Using just two 7.5″ scrap pieces, white fabric for the label & fusible interfacing per envelope, I made 13 envelopes in a couple of hours time.

For mine I picked the Home Grown DIY panel from Blend Fabrics.

SewMod home grown blend

I wanted to use the words “Sew”, “Ride” & “Bake” for the front of the envelopes and use the pictures for the back. I cut the piece in half and sewed them back together so that when I was finished, the “word/picture” would be right sides up.

SewMod home grown fabric envelopes

I used a black Sharpie to write my labels.

SewMod fabric envelopes

I made my set last and actually ran out of interfacing on the “Bake” one so I left it out since the instructions say it’s optional. Don’t skimp on the interfacing. It’s so much better with the extra firmness.

I believe they are adorable if I do say so myself!

SewMod fabric envelopes

I tried to pick fabrics from the bin that I thought each of the girls would like. I choose Heirloom by Joel Dewberry for Wendy.

SewMod fabric envelopes

And used coordinating Oval Elements for the inside of these.

SewMod fabric envelopes

For Paige, I chose Art Gallery prints. She loves Blue!

Fabric envelopes

Now we just need to put these to good use. Head over to the Moda Bake Shop tutorial and start sewing up a plan to save for yourself so that you can save more money for fabric too!

It’s summer and I bet y’all are out having fun and soaking up the sun, right? Unless your spending a couple of weeks in OKC like I am and it’s too dang hot to go outside! So I’m using my time wisely and preparing for our big show this September in Madison, WI. The Quilt Expo is only about a month and a half way and I should be grateful for the heat keeping me pent up inside because I have tons to do! I brought along all the makings for a quilt we will be kitting called ‘Rosalie’ made from all the new Art Gallery fabrics we recently received. My mom and I spent a few days making this and I gotta say…LOVE IT!


I’ll post the others as I get them finished. My next project is a Christmas quilt. Christmas in July. Maybe that will cool me down.

My mom always works on embroidery when she’s sittin’ around watching TV in the evenings. She’s made some really pretty tea towels lately.




And I just had to show ya the wool table mat on her kitchen table.


Keep cool y’all and check back for more new quilts!

I’m back from a super fun and very relaxing time in the sun! I spent a week in Cali with one of my bff’s, Susan! We went to Disneyland, saw the beach, and spent an afternoon on Rodeo Drive…oh my it’s tough to come back isn’t it?



New fabrics arrived in the shop while I was out! That always helps get me back in the groove of things..
Too Cute Too Spook by Riley Blake



And Bijoux.. Which is Bari J.’s new line from Art Gallery Fabrics.



We had a couple of bolts from Kaufman also come in. You know how I can't resist a Halloween print, right?


Lots more on the way also. We are starting to prep for 2 big shows coming up this fall. Be sure to check back for samples and quilts!

Later this week I’m going to share more of my pics from Cali. Just in case you yourself can’t get away right now. I’m gonna be sharing the love folks. Cause I’m hooked on Cali!

Later y’all!

So, my lack of blogging in the latter part of 2012 is embarrassing to say the least. I was busy though, I promise. I’d hate to think you guys thought I was just goofing off and being unproductive so I’ve gathered a few pics of some of the projects/fun things that we were up to.

Here we go… This is a commission quilt we made for a customer we met at Madison this year. Made for her granddaughter, Mimi. It’s a modified Sassafras. I tagged this one “I’m a Barbie girl”. It was so so very pink and girly!



kelly12 (400x300)

Became a very popular one of these…

aa (338x450)
Did a lot of daydreaming about one of these…

7177680626555815_JvbOAs9y_c (450x321)

All of those hexies I made became one of these…Is this the cutest place mat or what. Still workin’ on my 2nd one! This was a sample for when we were asked to vend at a local Modern Quilt Guild. We did a demo on hand and machine hexies.

178974_550896568257876_393598080_n (450x338)

We made a commissioned breast cancer throw for someone’s Christmas gift.

photo3 (338x450)

Started a spool quilt with Elsie’s Girl, Shelley, which we work on weekly. This is my progress so far…

blogg6 (338x450)

I had some life changing decisions thrown…definition(Pushed or forced violently and suddenly into a particular state.) upon me. Which caused this…


And let’s just say this…you can’t hide from Karma peeps. At least I’m hoping anyway;) More on that subject at a later date.

qqw (448x450)

Spent a total of 3 weeks over the last 2 months like this. Which probably was a result from all of the stress caused by the above…

sick_girl (400x320)

Had a Christmas crafting party..

blogg4 (338x450)

And we made these cute button trees…This one’s mine.

blogg2 (338x450)

And this is Paige’s..

521412_2670867748753_9173684_n (360x450)

New fabrics arrived at the shop. We now have all of the Oval ELements in stock and this great new line from Blend called Gabbie. You can find it here…

gabbie2 (450x338)

Did some of this…

qqq (300x450)

But then ate a lot of this..

blogg1 (405x450)

We found a perfect cupcake stand for SewMod. So we ate even more of this deliciousness just to decorate the stand….

blogg8 (338x450)

Paige and I went shopping and found these SewMod Christmas decorations in our colors…

photo9 (450x338)

That matched these trees! How could we possibly resist…It’s Christmas, SewMod Style!

photo11 (338x450)

Spent some time catching up with the nephews in OKC…

180 (450x300)

And finally made more progress on my December fun project, Rendezvous..

blogg (338x450)

Whew, 2 months of blogging done! Here’s to a great 2013! We made a lot of progress this year and we couldn’t have done it without all of your support. We made wonderful friends and met so many people thru social media and our experiences at the quilt shows and local guilds. Thank you everyone! We are looking forward to another exciting year!

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