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Good morning everyone! I’m back from a small break.

Last week life left me with an unruly teen, a  17 year old going on 25, post office mishaps, and other nonsense. Life’s sense of humor seems to be to throw all kinds of things toward you at once to see how much you can handle, or how much wine you will actually consume:) Dealing with such issues can be a drain on the creative process. Kinda leaves your head foggy and unable to focus. Which is why I chose to break for a bit.

Daisy seemed to be keeping herself busy though. This was the scene at my house most of the week. Every time I’d put her toys away in her “toybox”…..

she would drag them back out. It looked like I was running a daycare out of my living room!

Lucky for me, I have lots of friends to help me through. One of them being my good friend Shelley, over at Elsie’s Girl. We had a play date on Wednesday and I managed to get most of my Chain Reaction quilt finished. All the blocks are complete. All that’s left is sewing it into rows.

A scrappy modern throw with lot’s of space for Paige to work her quilting magic on. I’m pretty happy with how its turning out.

Next week we should be releasing the Cannon Beach Dresden pattern and kit on Etsy, so look for that coming soon. Paige will be writing up a blog post for it also. Showing us all the awesome quilting she did on it!

And I’ll be hanging with Shelley again next week. We’re going on a local shop hop on Thursday! I’m sure I will have some goodies from the trip to share with ya!

Enjoy your weekend everyone & we’ll talk more then!

One last handmade Friday before Christmas. It flew by so fast. I can’t believe we’re only a few short days away. There may not be time to make these super cute and quick placemats, but you can add them to your list for next year. Or why wait for Christmas. These would be great for any occasion you need a quick gifty. I whipped these up pretty fast and all made from mostly scraps. I even quilted them myself, which if you know me, usually involves some degree of whining. No whining or naughty words. I promise…easy peasy!

This free pattern comes from Elizabeth Hartman from the Oh Fransson! blog. You can find the pattern here.

I rolled them up, tied them with a pretty ribbon and gave them away with a casserole dish.

Here’s a set that my SewMod friend Andrea made up with some of the Bespoken fabrics. Check out her Funky Placemats Flickr page. She’s made several cool ones!

Very nice! Thanks for great idea Andrea. I will definitely be making more.

Paige picked out a really pretty set this weekend with grays, plums and some golden yellows. This selection has a variety of designer prints in it, including, Daisy Cottage, Heirloom ,and some Art Gallery prints.

Available in the SewMod and Etsy shop for 15% off original prices!

We pulled together some more fabric bundles to start the week off. After all, what’s better than beginning our week looking a beautiful fabrics!

Paige’s pick includes some Oval Elements, Honey Child, Taza, and Bespoken.

Lorrie’s pick…

I love the warm colors in this bunch that includes Oval Elements, Heirloom, Pick*A*Bunch, Midnight Garden & Bespoken.

As always, SewMod Stacks will be available as 1/2 yard bundles in the Etsy Shop & for 15% off the regular bundle prices.

This weekend went by in a blur! That’s what happens when you’re having fun, I guess. It especially seems to fly by during the holidays too.

Paige and I spent some time this weekend finishing up some projects and working on new ones, which I’ll be showing off this week. Sunday, Paige’s sewing group came over for lunch and a full day of catching up on projects. When you get a group together dedicated to working, a lot gets done.

We also spent some time choosing groups of fabrics, different color combinations and patterns from a variety of lines. Starting with a focus fabric and working different fabrics in with it. I don’t know about you, but I think the fabric company’s amazing marketing has just about left me incapable of mixing and matching my own colors! Don’t get me wrong, I love the way the companies group all their lines together so it’s a no-brainer for us and sometimes I need that, but I also don’t want to lose my ability to do it on my own. Remember when you did do it on your own? No bundles, no pre-matched fat quarter stacks, it was all you?

Paige is a pro at that and is helping me regain my confidence in choosing. So we are going to start showing you some of the lines that we have picked and pulled and put together from the SewMod shop.

We are offering the “pick’s 15% off in Etsy and Check them out and let us know how we did!

Paige’s Pick

Lorrie’s Pick

Bespoken by Art Gallery Fabrics arrived this week in the Shop. I’m a huge fan of Art Gallery Fabrics. The fabric is high quality and always beautiful and unique. This line is full of vintage florals and retro prints.

Here’s a few of my fave’s..

And the oval elements we received from Art Gallery for fillers coordinates perfectly with Bespoken.

And, yes, yay, hoot and holler, I got my cast off! Doc says I’m healing nicely. Now I’m off to physical therapy today @2. I’m a little nervous. I think it’s gonna hurt, but I’m ready to get back to normal. I have lots of catching up to do:)

We placed a fabric order last week for Bespoken by Art Gallery Fabrics. This line is due out in September.

I love everything Art Gallery comes out with. Pat Bravo is the designer and you must check out her blog. Lots of inspiration and ideas.

Look at his cute bag pattern she has available.

And I’m seriously considering also putting an order in for theses bolts of blenders called Oval Elements. This pic is from Jeni’s Flickr page over at In Color Order.  I want these!!!

It looks like most of these would fit perfectly into the line we just ordered!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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