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We always have the Curby Shoe patterns in stock in the shop but I’ve never made them. The thought of quilting my own fabric for this project made me whine…a lot, but this summer I visited my favorite quilt store in OKC, Oklahoma QuiltWorks, and they had this cute board display made up on how easy it was to make Curby Baby Shoes. I got Paige to do my quilted fabric and Wendy and I decided to give it a go. Besides, it would make a cute display for Madison. And guess what OKC was right. So cute and so easy!
So I made our own little display board and a couple of sets of shoes as samples.

The cowboy boot turned out super cute.
Paige quilted several yards of fabric to make kits for only $8.75. Just in case we had customers who also cringe at the thought of that part of the process:)

We cut tons of eye candy..aka Oval Elements from Art Gallery Fabrics. Everybody’s favorite. Who doesn’t want a rainbow of dots?
We ran a special of Create Any Bundle Of 11 or more and the fat quarters are as low as $2.19 a piece. Can’t beat that!

And check out our show pet, Henrietta Turtle. A pattern from Heather Bailey. My mom made this little sweetheart sample and she’s even got a unique SewMod twist..a hand crocheted flower! We kitted her up for only $13.50.

Madeline is always a hit. So she joined us again this year. Perfect for your sewing room or in my case…something pretty to look at while I get ready in the morning. She adorns my bathroom wall. $16.00 for the scrappy kit and pattern.

Several of our customers today commented on how reasonable our kits and overall pricing was. It’s nice to be able to provide that and pass some savings on to them. I even stood outside yesterday and passed out our extra vendor passes to four lucky ladies. Good deeds to start your day off right. It felt good!

We’re looking forward to another great day today. We hope you’ll join us. If not, check back for more pics!

Well, how about just one booth at a quilt show because all I want to do is get my brag on about how soooo darn cute our booth turned out and I know you’re just dyin’ to hear all about it, right? So, here it is in pics, because it’s just easier that way, ya know, since I’m still typing with one hand:)

Last one…

I know there are some things in the booth I didn’t get around to blogging about that I’ll take and post about over the next couple of weeks also because they deserve some special attention.

And I know I’ve said it before but it deserves repeating…thank you, thank you to all our friends who came through for us during my down time. We had friends making samples, binding, setting up the booth, taking it down, cutting fabric and even letting us use their vehicles to transport. We can’t thank each one of you enough!

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