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I have a new handmade item to add to my Christmas decorations this year. A Framed button tree!

I saw this in a holiday magazine and it only requires a few items to make it, which I already owned. If you have buttons, scraps of Christmas fabrics, embroidery floss and an 8×10 frame you’re all set! I only had to purchase the frame and ,of course, I couldn’t find a red one, so I painted it.

I seem to be on a button/embroidery/tree theme this year!

Here’s an easy gift to make.  A button tree pillow. I make these easy little pillows and give them as hostess gifts, to friends or someone special. Give your pillow with a box of chocolates tied with a pretty ribbon.

White background fabric 9-1/2” x 9-1/2”
FQ for the backing
Embroidery floss
1-1/2” wide scraps of fabric

Trace the tree design onto your background fabric. Embroidery using 3 strands of floss. Add your buttons.

Just like making a log cabin block, piece the strips of fabric  around the background until your satisfied with the size of your pillow. Mine was about a 13” square.

Lay your backing FQ fabric right side up. Lay your tree face down on top of backing. Cut out the backing fabric to the same size as the top and pin. Sew around all the edges leaving a space for turning, about 4 fingers length. Clip your corners and turn right side out. Stuff with the fiberfill and sew the opening closed with a whip stitch.

I’ve made several of these before. Here’s one I made with a leftover applique block.

And a couple of embroidered Santa pillows..

I found some more awesome kitties for Paige to drool over:) It’s from the Eerie Alley collection from Kaufman fabrics. It should be available in May.

And I wouldn’t want to forget to show you these from the same line.

And would you just look at these prints from Riley Blake coming out soon called Trick or Treat.

There’s even trim and buttons to match!

Oh my cuteness!!


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