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I did get some work done this week. I managed to do some finishes and start a new Christmas quilt. Christmas.Shocking. I know:) Love me some Christmas and what better time than July with this scorching heat wave than to sit in an air conditioned studio and wish for cooler temperatures. So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’m going to make you wait for the newest one I just finished. I’m waiting for Paige to work her quilty magic on it before I reveal. But here’s what I’ve done so far this week….

I added this cute Alpine Wonderland Christmas Quilt kit to Etsy yesterday. We used the Summer Tweets quilt pattern that Paige and I designed because it showcases large scale prints and the main fabrics in Alpine Wonderland are so darn cute I couldn’t bear to cut it up. Kit comes with the free pattern.

Paige quilted it in an all over stipple.

Chain Reaction is finally ready and added to Etsy as well. This is one of my faves! Very modern looking. We used all of the Art Gallery prints we had in stock to create a scrappy modern quilt. Paige picked an excellent all over quilt design to enhance the look. Kona white and Kona Ash Grey are the coordinating solids.

And last, I hung the finished Sassafras quilt in my living room. Paige also did an all over design on this since it was so busy but added some special touches to the cone flowers.

Today I’m off with Shelley over at Elsie’s Girl for the downtown Crystal Lake Sidewalk Sale. I hope I come home with lots of good finds and bargains to share with you! Talk soon!

Good morning everyone! I’m back from a small break.

Last week life left me with an unruly teen, a  17 year old going on 25, post office mishaps, and other nonsense. Life’s sense of humor seems to be to throw all kinds of things toward you at once to see how much you can handle, or how much wine you will actually consume:) Dealing with such issues can be a drain on the creative process. Kinda leaves your head foggy and unable to focus. Which is why I chose to break for a bit.

Daisy seemed to be keeping herself busy though. This was the scene at my house most of the week. Every time I’d put her toys away in her “toybox”…..

she would drag them back out. It looked like I was running a daycare out of my living room!

Lucky for me, I have lots of friends to help me through. One of them being my good friend Shelley, over at Elsie’s Girl. We had a play date on Wednesday and I managed to get most of my Chain Reaction quilt finished. All the blocks are complete. All that’s left is sewing it into rows.

A scrappy modern throw with lot’s of space for Paige to work her quilting magic on. I’m pretty happy with how its turning out.

Next week we should be releasing the Cannon Beach Dresden pattern and kit on Etsy, so look for that coming soon. Paige will be writing up a blog post for it also. Showing us all the awesome quilting she did on it!

And I’ll be hanging with Shelley again next week. We’re going on a local shop hop on Thursday! I’m sure I will have some goodies from the trip to share with ya!

Enjoy your weekend everyone & we’ll talk more then!

I spent some time this week working on a new project. Our order for Kona Ash Gray was finally filled so I figured I would take advantage of a couple of yards. I decided on this quilt pattern from Cluck.Cluck.Sew called Chain Reaction.

I’m using all of the Art Gallery fabrics that we have in stock for a modern, scrappy feel. I like it so far!

Not only did the Kona Ash arrive, but also several new patterns, including Who’s Place Owl Place Mats.

And On A Whim by Thimble Blossoms.

The Riley Blake Chevron‘s arrived in the shop but have literally flown off the shelf! We have a couple of the 1/2 yard bundles left until the new bolts arrive.

It’s supposed to be nice here this weekend, so I’m betting my patio will be calling my name for a couple of days. Hopefully, more progress next week on the Chain Reaction. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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